Q: When will the book be published?
Maybe the book will never be published on paper. But as soon as the event finish the book will be published on the site.
Q: How long time have you planned this event?
Claus Sørensen got the idea to this project 25 FEB 1999.
Q: How is the project managed?
Claus Sørensen is the main project manager and manage the whole event. How it will be in details is not planned.
Q: How much is planned for this event?
This site, announce the event for the Linux Community, The European LUGs and the rest of the World, Maillist for the initial participants (before 23.00.00 March 20th), a server to run the event on. But the book it self is just an idea and is not planned further - until 0.00.00 March 21st.
Q: How big will the book be?
Q: How many pages will the book contains?
Q: Under what license will the book be published?
Q: Which language(s) will the book be written in?
Q: Which format will you use for the book?
Q: What sort of system will you be using?
Nobody knows yet - just wait and see what happens March 21st.
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