The project

Here you can follow the project. You can see the whole IRC log for the IRC channel #ely_linux - thanks to Ingo Saitz. We're using the server

20:08 Pictures from the project office

20 pictures from the event at the project office.

07:29 Now we're using our newsserver

Finally we got our newsserver up and running. You can see how to connect to our newsgroup at the participate page.

04:53 New maillist

Now we're back on the track - we got another maillist with an awake administrator. You can see more at the participate page.

03:57 Murphy's Law

If anything can go wrong - it will. From 18:15 to 21:45 we tried to get a mailserver up and running for this project - but then we discovered that the primary DNS-server haven't communicated the host-address or any other of the domains and subdomains out to the rest of the DNS-servers all over the World.
Then we tried to get a newsserver up and running but none of us had ever done that. With only have 15 minutes to midnight - we used another domain which would host the mailserver for us and it was up and running i 20 minutes (5 minutes late).
Two hours later the maillist was unreacheable - and the administrator was gone home to sleep...
Right now we are using the newsgroup comp.linux - but it isn't widely spread :v( and another is trying to set up a newsserver on our own server. But we're keep fighting ;v))))

01:36 What should this book contain?

Here is my suggestions:
  • Foreword by a Linux guru
  • The history of Linux
  • Open Source and Content
  • The LUG's of Europe
  • Companies using Linux
  • The rest of the World
  • The anecdotes
  • The future
  • The autors

The start

The start was a little late - about five minutes. We had a lot of problems - most of the concerning DNS. But now we're up and running. You can see the initial mail here:
I think we're gonna find out what we're gonna do for 
the next 24 hours first.

What material do we want to have in this book.

I think we're this should be included:

- The LUGs of the different contries
- Some graphical illustration of how many Linux users there 
  are in Europe.
- Info about the companies in Europe using Linux
- Stories from the LUG's - what have we done the last year.

Claus Sørensen, Project Manager of ELY

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