Programme for the hearing on encryption Monday 17th of January 2000, 13.00 -17.00






16. december 1999


Kontoret for IT og Samfund 23715

13.00 -13.20:

Opening Address


The Minister of Research and Information Technology

Ms. Birte Weiss


13.10 - 13.20:
Introduction to the hearing and today’s programme


Chairman of the IT-Security Council, professor, dr.jur. Mads Bryde Andersen



Session 1: Which encryption products are available and how secure are they?


A panel of encryption suppliers invited by the Council presents their products with the focus on the level of security. As background for the presentations the providers are given the opportunity to submit a short written description of their products which will be circulated before the hearing.


After a 5-minute presentation from each supplier a panel of questioners will question the suppliers.



The Council has invited the following suppliers to participate in this session:





Panel of questioners:



After the first round of questions from the panel, questions will be taken from the audience.



15.10-15.30 Break



Session 2: Should Denmark develop a national encryption product?


In the light of the first session the pros and cons of the existing encryption products on the Danish marked are expected to be identified. Furthermore it will probably be clear that the decision to provide strong encryption on the marked not only lies with the supplier but also relies on legal matters, not least the existing export regulations. These questions will be discussed in the second session.





The Council has invited the following panel members:



16.50 Conclusion

Professor, dr.jur. Mads Bryde Andersen