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To the Danish IT Security Council




Company information

iD2 Technologies is a leading Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) software company in Europe and is a spin-off from the Swedish software house AU-System. Although iD2 was founded as a separate company in 1996, its knowledge in smart cards goes back at least ten years. The first experience was gained in the mid 80's when using smart cards in public value added services. PKI based products and solutions have been developed since early 90's.

iD2 is unique in that it provides comprehensive support for cryptographic smart cards from all leading vendors, as well as support for software based PKI with certificates stored on diskettes or a PC’s hard disc. Such flexibility allows customers to choose the solution appropriate to them with the knowledge that migrating from one storage medium to another can be achieved with minimal additional investment.


Strong Owner- and partnership

iD2 is owned by Schroder Ventures, Ericsson, Cisco Systems, Reuters, SAP and management, thus catering for a solid corporate background and for the iD2's capabilities of supporting large organisations.

Working in partnership with some of the world’s leading e-commerce specialists, like Compaq, Cisco, Racal, Identrus, ICL, Ericsson, Siemens, and Syseca, iD2 Technologies is ideally positioned to enable even the largest of organisations to safely and securely maximise their use of a secure Internet.


Open Standards

iD2's product offering is addressing public use of PKI. This puts emphasis on the use of open standards and interfaces in order to interoperate with many different applications in the open e-commerce environment in Europe. iD2 have several large installations in most countries in Europe and some addressing nation-wide PKI solutions using smart cards (e.g. the national ID cards of Finland implemented for the Finnish Population Register, and the two Public CA Service Providers The Swedish Post and Telia, D-Trust from Germany).

Wireless Internet Access

iD2 is at the forefront of developing products for PKI Internet access devices and secure wireless applications. We are involved in leading-edge wireless projects together with Ericsson, Sonera (Finnish PTT) and Motorola.



There are two categories of products: the iD2 Certificate Manager and the client/server products. The Certificate Manager enables a Certification Authority to

generate encryption keys (RSA) and issue and manage certificates (digital IDs). The client/server products enable system integrators to build a fully functional

public key Infrastructure (PKI).

Certificate Management

iD2 Certificate Manager enables Certification Authorities to produce RSA keys and manage X.509 certificates that can be used in a variety of applications requiring secure identification and digital signatures. The product is designed for high-end users

such as banks and postal and tele-communication companies, and has a standard API for high volume smart card production lines. All major RSA-based smart cards which meet iD2's stringent security demands, are fully supported. RSA key length: 1024 bit and taller.


Prize: 70 000 - 200 000 Euro (depends on configuration)

Server Software

iD2 Servant verifies a certificate or digital signature in a signed message, prevents the use of revoked certificates and for retrieval of content of a certificate (parsing). Installed in an application server environment, the product simplifies and speeds up certificate verification, thus enhancing overall PKI performance, which makes iD2 Servant a crucial component of any PKI implementation.

Prize: 8 700 Euro

iD2 Guardian offers an easy way to add security and smart card support to Internet/intranet or other client/ server solutions. It operates on multiple

platforms and adds standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) support and strong 128-bit encryption to any TCP/IP network. It is easily integrated with web servers such as Netscape Enterprise Server or Microsoft Internet Information Server. Certificates can

also be validated by plugging iD2 Servant into iD2 Guardian.

Prize: 7 250 Euro

Client Software

iD2 Personal is a client product that brings security, user authentication and digital signatures to standard Internet browsers by utilising Smart Cards and the client-side of the SSL protocol. iD2 Secure Transport adds secure authentication in client/server environments. With the software installed on a PC, the user can be identified to the corporate network and access applications with a high degree of security.

Smart card support to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems build on the uniqueness and security of private RSA keys. Stored on smart cards, the card's operating system prevents keys from being removed or tampered with - even by the cardholder. The user has access to the functions of the card through the use of a PIN code. Smart cards are easy to use, highly portable and can be integrated with a wide range of applications. iD2 Personal adds full smart card support to any application that utilises the PKCS#11 standard or the Microsoft cryptographic architecture.

Authentication that brings added security

iD2 Personal authenticates the user via the smart card and the client-side authentication function of the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. This simple authentication process makes it possible to send or receive information over the Internet safe in the knowledge that the legal obligation for financial security has been met, that sensitive business information remains private, and that the need

for personal integrity can be fulfilled.

Digital signatures

iD2 Personal adds the capability to create digital signatures with a standard Internet browser. The signature function is implemented as a browser plug-in and can be activated from the server application or from a JavaScript in the client. For added security the user is requested to enter a valid PIN code before signing can take place.

Smooth integration with third party products

As iD2 Personal implements the PKCS#11 standard and includes a Microsoft Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP), it can be integrated seamlessly with a number of third party products, for example, mail clients from Microsoft and Netscape. Other areas where it can be used are in Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions as a digital signature add-on to XML forms software, or with any other type of application where security is important.

iD2 Personal features and functionality

System requirements

If you can run a standard Internet browser or a standard mail client you can run iD2 Personal

Platform availability

Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98,

Prize: 1 iD2 Personal license = 30 Euro (ex: 50 000 = 10 Euro per license)

Distributed via partners (i.e. ICL in Denmark). Can be downloaded via Internet.

Export regulation

The iD2 Client software can be delivered to 60 countries without any restrictions or individual applications.

For more information, please contact :

iD2 Technologies

P.O. Box 44055

100 73 Stockholm, Sweden

Telephone: +46 8 775 52 00

Fax: +46 8 726 79 12

E-mail: info@iD2 tech