Microsoft Products related to Encryption




Encryption features are an integral feature of our operating systems intended for both private and corporate customers.


For which users are the products designed?

Some features, notably the encrypted file system with key recovery, are only found in the products intended for corporate customers, but of course anyone can buy them.


What is the price of the products?


They are integral to our operating systems and not sold separately.


What are the applications?


General computing, storage, secure email, secure web, e-commerce, collaboration.


The level of security - key length etc


128-bit symmetric key, up to 16k asymmetric. All using public standard algorithms.


How is the level of security assured?


Good source-code control, no easter eggs, files digitally signed and verified before install. Core OS files protected from being replaced using digital signature verification. Support for key removal to secure storage. In corporate setting, security configuration toolset helps with good management practices.


Do the products comply with widely accepted standards?


Yes. IETF Kerberos, Public Key, S/MIME, ISO 7816, ISO X..509


How is the product distributed (internet download?)


Not distributed separately.