PGP, personal email privacy for the Danish People.

Why every person in this world can have his/her basic right, private email communication, for free!

Email is these days a very common way of personal communication. It is replacing common mail in many occasions. Especially when adding the speed of the electronic highway and the low cost of usage it becomes very attractive to a large part of the community. Sadly, some institutions see here the possibility to get a grip on contents of communication since the widely used architecture of electronic communication does allow third parties to monitor the transmissions of data. Since computers can do monitoring communications very efficiently, it is possible to breach the privacy of millions with only a very limited investment.

Network Associates offers a solution to correct this flaw, for free!

PGP Encryption Products were designed to give private people the possibility for a private electronic communication over a public network. Only the sender and the recipient have access to this information, nobody else. When we write nobody, we mean nobody. Not even a secret service.

This product has always been available worldwide, for free for personal use (i.e. freeware)!

PGP products are used by many millions of people worldwide and an estimated 95% of the worldwide encrypted data is encrypted with PGP.

For commercial use PGP Encryption Products are available against an attractive licensing structure with support and update services.

The PGP products can be used for a variety of protection tasks. First of all it allows the user to encrypt email, whatever email package they are using. For the most common email packages there are plug-ins that integrate the functionality of the PGP smoothly into the email program and make the use of PGP very transparent to the user.

Even if an uncommon email package is used, the PGP Toolbar makes encryption a simple task. In any case, files like documents, sound, pictures, movies, in fact any type of file, can be protected by PGP.

Next to protection against peeking eyes it is also important to know for sure who sent you the document and you need to know that the document has not been changed by anyone. So you need to prove authenticity and integrity. Therefore you need digital signatures, a standard part of the PGP encryption products.

Digital Signature functionality is also included in the worldwide available freeware product!


In order to construct trustworthy communication, the basis is the identification of the people who send and receive a message. In order to do this you need a kind of ID card, called Certificate. A PGP Certificate is like a passport that allows you to check the senderís Identity.

PGP certificates are created by the user and can be signed by others, with this they increase the trust level of your certificate. Like real life where people that trust you introduce you to others who will then be willing to trust you as well. This architecture is called Web of Trust and is the only way to implement certificates securely without a need for a Certificate Authority (saves a government body) and without the need to trust an unknown third party. This makes PGP a very well suited product to secure communication for the people. PGP encryption products do include a Certificate Server where PGP certificates can be stored and accessed worldwide. Worldwide there are several public Certificate Servers available that can be used free of charge by anyone.

Encryption at itself is not a guarantee for protection of data. Weak encryption might look unbreakable but can be cracked in very limited time. Therefore it is necessary to have a strong encryption (128 bits) standard worldwide. All PGP products anywhere on the world, always have strong 128 bits asymmetric encryption and up to 4096 bits symmetric encryption. There are no back doors or any other methods that allow anyone to decrypt messages that are not encrypted with their key.

The version that is available for commercial use adds the possibility to encrypt hard disks and also offers VPN facilities for peer-to-peer or as client VPN connected to any IPSEC compliant firewall. The billion-dollar company Network Associates Inc. owns the PGP products. The PGP products are a strategic product line in their Network Security and Network Management product groups.

Since PGP is the most widely used encryption product in the world it is seen as a standard. PGP functionality is available for transparent inclusion into other applications by the use of the PGP Software Development Kit and the public available APIís. The PGP VPN solution can use the X.509 standard for certificates. The PGP certificate server however offers a more secure certificate standard, even without the need for a Certificate Authority. Worldwide there are several public Certificate Servers available that can be used free of charge.

PGP freeware is available for download at several places on the world wide web. Network Associates International offers download facilities on, choose for download and then PGP freeware.